Midwest Good Jobs Nation Tour kicked off in Indianapolis, IN on Monday, August 21, 2017 with Senator, Bernie Sanders and Retired USW Local President, Chuck Jones. Also, Indiana State Senator, David Niezgodski who will be re-introducing the Call Center Worker's Bill in the Indiana House during the 2018 Session. CWA Members were also amongst the speakers to stand up for our Call Center Workers.

The Good Jobs Nation Tour headed south to Bloomington, IN on Wednesday, August 23 where Chuck Jones and Indiana 9th Congressional Canidate, Liz Watson stood in front of an abandoned GE plant stating her focus will be to bring jobs back to the United States, "No More Offshore", a chant heard throughout this tour.

Indiana State Senator, David Niezgodski

Indianapolis, IN Local 4998 EVP, Sharon Smith-Vaughn and Local 4900 D3 VP, Danielle Brewer-Collier

CWA District 4 Staff Rep., Jane Phillips

Indiana House Rep. Karlee Macer

Indianapolis, IN

Bloomington, IN


Retired USW Local President, Chuck Jones

CWA Local 4818 President, Justin Hawkins

Indiana United States Congressional District 9 Canidate, Liz Watson