CWA/AT&T -- Wireline COVID Vaccination Bargaining Update #2

Today the company provided CWA with a partial response to our comprehensive request for information (RFI).  We expect that they will be providing us with a full response very soon.  Our bargaining committee spent the day in caucus reviewing the information provided and formulating a counter proposal to the company's proposed mandate.  Additionally, CWA's legal department has been in consultation with our committee regarding the impact of the federal requirements that were announced yesterday.  We will distribute additional updates as they become available.  
District 3: Nick Hawkins, Assistant to the Vice-President 
District 4: Curt Hess, Assistant to the Vice-President
District 6: Mark Franken, Administrative Director
District 9: Domonique Thomas, Assistant to the Vice-President 
CWA T&T Office: Ken Saether, Assistant to the Vice-President