CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #73

CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #73

June 7, 2018

Fighting Today…Focused on the Future!

The Union Committee met with the Company today at the main table to pass proposals on Article 16 (Benefits) and Appendix A13 (Monitoring). We explained our ideas and made sure the Company did not have any misunderstandings.

This evening, the Company rejected all the Union proposals that were currently under consideration and stood on the terms of their final offer.

We are currently analyzing the Company’s statements around their decision to stand on their last offer and planning next steps.

We will continue to fight to make AT&T see the light and add work for their employees, our members, in the Midwest. We have repeatedly shared ideas and resolutions to what all CWA members see as a huge problem everywhere we look - the amount of contracted out work all around us.

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In Solidarity,

Your CWA District 4 Bargaining Team

Curt Hess

Tina Culver

Dan Frazier

Kim Gallardo

Tim Strong

Greg Tennyson

Jay Walther

Ron Gay

Mike Handley

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