CWA District 4 Next Generation

For all CWA Members... The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has hit young workers and workers of color hard. As of May 2020, 7.7 million American workers under 30 were unemployed and the unemployment rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans hovered around 17 percent.

But we don't have to just sit back or feel powerless. Join Next Gen members fighting for real change in this time of global pandemic, economic crisis, and the long-overdue reckoning around systemic racism and police violence.

On Saturday, July 18, CWA Next Gen Lead Activists will present an interactive, online workshop together with Vice President Lisa Bolton and featuring guest speaker Melissa Matos, CWA National Director of Human Rights, Education, and Health & Safety.

Together, we can turn a moment of devastating loss into a year of revolutionary change. Apply today to participate in our interactive workshop on July 18.

Space is limited, so apply by the deadline, Monday, July 13, at 8PM EST/5PM EST.