Celebrate Black History Month with CWA District 4

Having a diverse and inclusive Union has been one of CWA's most important goals for many years. Here in District 4, our aim is to be sure we make that goal a reality. Locals are encouraged to create committees that specifically address the concerns of members that would not otherwise feel as if they are truly a part of our movement. Human Rights, Civil Rights and Equity, or Women's and Equity Committees are some of the examples that we have at various Locals in CWA; and we are always looking for opportunities to assist other Locals who would like to take the groundbreaking steps to start one. Recent historical events in this country have left some of our members in shock and polarized; but if we understand the true spirit of UNIONS, we understand that an injury of one is the concern of all. We MUST stand up and fight back against injustices everywhere and not sit idly by. In order to take CWA into the future, we can't be "non-racist". We MUST be "anti-racist". We MUST speak up for ALL of our brothers and sisters during Black History Month and beyond! We MUST take a look inside our Locals to see if we are reaching ALL of our members, as often as possible. We MUST also do what we can to make sure ALL of our interactions with one another are done with respect and dignity, no matter where we come from or what we look like. This Black History Month, we celebrate and say thank you to all of the trailblazers that helped tear down the barriers that would have prevented us from being one of the greatest Unions in the world!

On behalf of the CWA D4 Civil Rights and Equity Committee