Broken Promises Letters

Locals hand delivering Broken Promises letters to Congressmen and Congresswomen.

Joe Snyder Pres 4302 meets with Congressman Tim Ryan to hand deliver letters.

Charles Daniels Pres 4123, Congresswomen Tlaib, Maurice  Dupree Pres 4100

Congressional meeting with IL District 2 Representative Robin Kelly’s staff member William Dwyer & LaNell Piercy 4252, Debbie Slimco 4250 & Angel Minnick 4252

Charles Daniels Pres. 4123, Jacob Vick Pres. 4103, Congressman Kildee and Rainer Delgado Pres. 4108

Angel Minnick VP 4252 presenting letters to IL District 11 Congressman Bill Foster’s Outreach Coordinator Brian Robb

George Walls Pres. 4603 and Bryan Steil (CD1) Chief of Staff, Rich Zipperer

CWA 4252 VP Angel Minnick with Representative Lauren Underwood’s staff member Jake Girmscheid

Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher's office in DePeere, Wisconsin. His staff has set up meetings twice now and canceled.


George Walls Pres. 4603, Staff Rep. Clinton Rodgers, LPAT Keisha Hollis-Wilson, and Grey Tennyson EVP 4603 at Congressman Sensenbrenners office

CWA 4320 LPAT John Smith at Congressman Stivers meeting

Lanell Piercy Pres. 4252 delivering letters to Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

Ohio Congressman Balderson meeting Barret Tomasovich VP 4324 and Local 4320 LPAT John Smith

Gary Kundrat Pres 4340, Adrian Weems LPAT, Linda Burns S-T 4340, Fudge Staff, Dave Passalacqua VP 4340

Linda Burns ST 4340, Dave Passalacqua EVP 4340,  Kim Liska ST  4302 , Dustin Robinette EVP 4302 , Gary Kundrat Pres 4340 and Gonzalez Staff

Charles Daniels Pres 4123, Rep. Stevens, Jim Simons evp 4009, Mike Schulte CWA Staff